Welcome to the Family Coordinates Archive!
An online database solution for keeping in touch with
the Kaisers, O'Connors, Meurlings, and others...

This archive can store all the email and snail mail coordinates of each member of the family. For it to be really useful, each family member will need to keep their record up to date. Any time someone's address coordinates change, the information in the archive should be updated. This way, everyone will be able to rely on this archive as an accurate source of information to locate and communicate with the many members of our large clan.

Currently, the archive is best used to enter your coordinates and find someone else's coordinates by searching for one member at a time. Later, I will add features so that the entire database can be examined and there might even be a page that will announce the birthdays of members for the current month. If you have any suggestions, email me.

You can enter the archive either to Search for members or Add a member by clicking the corresponding button at left. (To update information for a member for whom a record has already been created or to delete a member's record, Search for the member first.) Click on the globe logo in the upper left corner in any page to return to this home page. Click The Kaisers logo below to return to the main website.
Click Search to look for a member in the archive. Click Add to enter new member coordinates to the archive.

Click the Email List button for a page with a list of  family members with their email coordinates. Click Birthdays for a list of family members with birthdays this month.