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Nick is born on June 20, 1993 (updated 11/23/99)
Shots of Nick's first full year (updated 11/27/99)
Katie is born on Feb. 28, 1995 (updated 01/21/00)
Kevin meets Kate in January 1997 (updated 11/27/99)
Kevin and Kate marry (updated 11/27/99)
Kate is pregnant, Big Summer Trip Millennium Trip (updated 01/11/00)
Alexandre is born on June 6, 2001 Christmas trip to La Plagne! (updated 07/01/01)
Kate is pregnant again, More ski trips, plus family trips to Ste. Maxime/St. Tropez, Greece, Portugal, South Africa, Amsterdam, La Plagne, Christmas (updated 01/05/01)
Andreas is Born, Birthdays (updated 12/12/02)
Summer Trip to Spain (updated 09/07/03)

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Most recent additions to this site:

Summer trip to Spain

Easter in Avoriaz

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