There are five video clips available on this page:

  • The first is the most recent. It was taken at Angus and Cameron's school on December 17, 2001. It is about a minute long...
  • The second is an edited video of Halloween, 2001. Mom joined us to chaperone trick or treating... It is about 4 minutes.
  • The third is our family video postcard for Christmas, 2000. The file is about 6 Mb.
  • The fourth is a video clip of Angus and Cameron on Christmas morning, 1999. This was taken at about 7 am at the Meurlings. Mom was also there. This is a 1 1/2 minute video clip so the file is 1.6Mb. At dialup speeds, that will take about 5 minutes for the entire clip to download.
  • The fifth clip was taken at Dad and Helen's on the 27th of December, 1999. It is only 700k because it only plays for about 30 seconds.

Simply click in the movie area where the QuickTime logo is and the clip will appear and start to download automatically

The clips are in streaming QuickTime 4 format, so you will be able to start watching them right away while they are downloading. However, at dialup speeds, you should wait for the movies to preload enough that you can start watching and see the clip to the end without stopping.

You will need QuickTime 4 to see these video clips.
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Kids at Angus and Cameron's school sing a beautiful song for Christmas.


Angus and Cameron - Halloween, 2001.


Family Video Postcard, Christmas 2000.


Angus and Cameron on Christmas morning, 1999.


Sara and Cameron at Dad & Helen's, 1999.

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