The Kaisers

In order of age:

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and Sara, Angus and Cameron

Kate, Nick, Katie, Alexandre, and Andreas

Sara, Bill, Matthew, and Maggie

Max, Jessica, Robbie, Molly Beth, and Adeline

This web site is home for Ted, Kevin, Sara-Jane and Max; all of whom are children of Eric Kaiser and Mary O'Connor.

This is a hand-tinted photo of our Dad's family.
(l to r: Bruce, Nora, Kurt, Brenda, Sheila, Elizabeth, Eric, August & Zelinde) Click to see a bigger version.

What's New?

Christmas 2008

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Above is a photo taken shortly after Mother's cancer was diagnosed during Kevin and Nick's visit at the end of May. She was an amazing woman and a phenomenal mother and grandmother, and we will miss her and remember her always and forever.

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Last Updated: January 31, 2009

New Developments :

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Ted lives in Toronto.
Kevin lives in Paris.

Sara lives in Ontario.

Max lives in Napanee.

Use the Family Coordinates Archive (or click the globe icon at upper left of this page) to look up the email and snail mail coordinates of our farflung Kaiser, O'Connor, Meurling,and other family members. You will need a password to get in. If you don't know it, email me.


What's This?

The Kaiser family web site!
Visit often to stay up to date with
the Kaisers and their families.

Kevin's site is password protected, so if you do not already know the password and would like to access his pages, contact him at

Here is a picture of mom's family, the O'Connors (click to enlarge - be patient, it's about 240K). That's Ferg and Connie O'Connor and their children.


These pages used to have links at the top of this home page:

Video clips of Angus and Cameron taken over the Christmas holidays!

Kevin's site has new pictures of Alexandre, born June 6, 2000... and always lots more!

Chat with the Kaisers!
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Pictures of Maggie.
Rachel Margaret,
To be called "Maggie,"
daughter of Bill & Sara, sister of Matthew,
was born at 1:37 EST on December 15, 1998
weighing 7lb. 14oz., measuring 21".

Pictures of Alex.
Alexandra Elizabeth Janine Zonnenfeld,
born on December 23, 1998!